Thursday, October 28, 2010

In-Class work for 10/28

1) Report on what you found today regarding your event. Include a link if possible. Some questions to consider: were you surprised by how the Times covered it? What do you think your article reveals about how the event was viewed at the time? How do you think this view has changed? Is your article an editorial or a news article? If it's an editorial, what point of view does it represent and whom do you think it speaks for? If it's an article, do you think it succeeds in being objective, and why or why not? What does this article make you want to find out?

2) After you've posted, respond to some of your colleagues. Do you agree with their analyses of their sources? What have they missed?

3) For Monday, read Mark Engler's essay "Visions of Dominance." In your notes or on the blog, see if you can figure out Engler's core argument: what is he saying about the causes of the Iraq War? What groups had power in making this war come about? Can you figure out who he's arguing against?

Extra Credit: If you attended the poet laureate reading, describe you impressions. What interested you, suprised you? How would you describe Ryan's poetry?

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