Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Class Work for Thursday, October 14th

In class today, use the databases we looked at yesterday - CUNY plus, Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, and google scholar to look for sources. You can also work with course materials. Be sure you keep track of your sources.

At the end of the course period, post your progress on your blog: what sources did you find, skim or read that you think will or won't be helpful? Are you finding a clearer focus for your essay? Think about our core question: what is the nature of the relationship between these two countries? Is it an imperial relationship, or something else? Think about the different groups you're discovering on each side.

For Monday, post a draft of your annotated bibliography, using the sources we've found so far. You'll have time to continue to revise this and find new sources throughout next week. You can find a sample annotated bibliography here.

You can also use this course period to work on your revision of essay number 1. Keep in mind the language work we did in class (see below). Also work with Chapters 1-3 of They Say for help with how to use your sources.

What do you notice about this sentence? How would you fix it?

The thing that I find most interesting about the article that we read for class which is called Global Realization by Eric Schlosser is the fact that someplaces people they are protesting against McDonalds you just wouldn't think that a fast food restauraunt would be worth the trouble it's just hamburgers but it turns out that for some people it's like it's about more than just the food.

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  1. Corrected version: In "Global Realization" by ES people protest against McDonalds for reasons other than food.